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meet chelsea ann

Chelsea Ann lives where the ocean meets the mountains in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.  Besides a short break to live in Langley before she graduated Trinity Western University, Chelsea has lived in Deep Cove her whole life. 
She grew up active and creative, busy in all aspects of life.  Chelsea pretty much enjoys all things creative and organizational... but she has developed a love for floral design that she just can't seem to shake.

Chelsea Ann is
a bespoke florist based in North Vancouver.

Just as we were intentionally created, Chelsea creates with intention (Psalm 139).

She focuses on flower-forward, soft, and memorable floral design.  Chelsea utilizes her art background by merging the concepts colour theory, composition, and texture to create cohesive designs made with intention. Chelsea Ann has a passion for imperfect sustainability and reducing waste in the floral industry.

Although flowers are fleeting, Chelsea strives to create florals that are everlastingly memorable and uniquely personal to you. 

chelsea is also an expert calligrapher


The wedding industry, and specifically floristry, has been known to produce a lot of waste.  Chelsea Ann considers herself an 'imperfect sustainable florist'... she tries her best to choose the most sustainable and eco-friendly options, but she also understands that she can't be perfect in every decision.  Imperfection is better than not trying at all!

Here are some of the sustainable choices that Chelsea Ann makes...

  • NEVER using Floral Foam.  You know that green stuff that you stick stems in?  It's toxic and doesn't actually decompose.  Chelsea Ann chooses eco-friendly options or re-usable mechanics and vases instead.

  • All organics are composted- of course.  Chelsea is SO careful to separate out plastics from the flowers and stems.  Throughout the process and at completion, everything is disposed of sustainably. 

  • Re-using 'single use' plastics.  Chelsea saves all of the 'single-use' plastic packaging she might come across and repurposes it as many times as she can.

  • Local flower farms.  When possible, Chelsea chooses local flower sources. 

Specializing in one of a kind floral design & styling for weddings & events.

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